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How Will You Forge Your Future?

With Brainwood Educational, your bright future is guaranteed!

About Us

We are a veteran educational consulting and training firm with track record of helping students achieve their dream of a brighter future outside the shores of Nigeria. 

Expert advise and support to help you get into the best schools that best fits into your budget and career aspirations. 

Top notch proficiency tests registration and preparation service We provide affordable and most current test prep books for SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT .

You get the best and well researched scholarship opportunities for your dream career with all the necessary support such as essays written by the best experts to get you in. 

We have a high rate of visa approval to more than 20 countries. We help you get your visa approved on first attempt at no hidden cost.

We provide sought after certifications that can get you a good job in your destination country.

We provide training and certifications in: 

  • Care Giving
  • Information Technology 

We help you legalize your student’s documents so that you can have a hitch free stay in your destination country and even work while you study.

You get the best pre and post travel arrangements services from us with no issues. 

We can get you the best work permit with multiple entry visa to countries with conducive working environments.

Study Destinations

We provide world-class educational, study abroad consultancy and professional development services to clients at all education levels (Primary, Secondary, and Institutions of Higher Education).




Study Destinations


We provide quality training, certification and test preparation in areas that can help you settle down quickly in your study destination so that you can get a good job to support yourself. 

Care Giving

Care giving Training and Certifications that can give you job immediately you arrive. 

IT Training

Sought after IT training and certifications that can get you stable income. 


Sit once and ace your TOEFL/IELTS score for your dream course. 


GMAT/GRE test registration and preparations without issues.

What's happening

We are taking applications for January 2023 in take. Reach out to start your journey to top study destinations you can afford.

Student 55

under grad

Diploma & Certificates

1 – 2 years diploma and certificates in sought after skill areas like vocational and technology. 

under grad

Bachelor Degrees

3 – 4 years Bachelor degrees from globally ranked universities across Europe and America. 

Post Grad

PG, PGcert, MSc & PhD

Research and coursework post graduate diplomas, masters and PhDs from world top universities. 

Your Future Starts Here.

We have consistently sent several young Nigerians to schools where their dreams have been actualized. We have also helped many to migrate and start a new life in Europe and America.